What is the purpose of Youth Leadership Elite? 

Our goal is to help with the development of our future Youth Leaders nationwide. We want to create a movement that inspires tweens and teens to want to become leaders for their peers. Our hope is to accomplish this through a variety of empowerment programs, online resources, camps, and workshops. 

What age groups do you primarily work with and serve? 

Our current focus is on creating resources and programs to serve the 11 to 17 year old demographic. We've identified this group as being the most "at risk" for many of the top "Parental Threats" today, including Social Media, Mental Health Issues, and Obesity. 

Are you a non-profit organization? 

We are a new organization that desires a grassroots style of fundraising to achieve our upstart financial goals. We ARE NOT a non-profit organization, and therefore any donations received ARE NOT tax-deductible. But we want to offer our donors something more than just a write-off. We want to establish a mutually rewarding relationship with you. 

Can I start a local chapter in my area? 

If you are interested in starting a local Youth Leadership Elite chapter in your area, please contact us.