Summer Is NOT A Vacation!


At some point in time, our children were sold on the idea that the entire summer season was a vacation and that they can "do nothing" for the next 11-12 weeks. The summer season is ONLY a vacation for teachers, not for kids. I believe that in the U.S. we already have entirely too much time away from school. We are the ONLY major country in the world that receives so much time away from school during the year.

For those families that can afford it, summertime means more enrichment activities, summer camps, and travel. So their children return to school stronger and smarter. But for the majority of children in lower income families, it means a loss of learning, weight gain, poor sleeping habits, and potentially getting into real trouble.

We have to start by teaching our children that summer is NOT a vacation; it's time away from school so we can engage in self-development. There are numerous FREE and low-cost resources for our children to engage with during the summer, but it all starts with setting the stage that summer is NOT a vacation.

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