Social Media Is NOT Neutral For Teens



The topic of Social Media and teens can spark up much debate, and that's okay, but I want to be clear about my stance on Social Media when it comes to children under 18, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Yes, there are some useful purposes for Social Media. It allows us to connect with others easily, stay in touch, and receive information; but it's also a gateway to a big dangerous world.


If you were to take a poll of 1000 parents and ask them the following questions about their 13-16 year old child, what do you imagine the response would be:


1- Would you allow your child to attend a party on a College Campus?

2- Would you allow your child to stream their private life on NBC or CBS?

3- Would you allow your child to hang out at a friends house that is well known for Drugs, Porn, Sexual Material, Profanity, Violence and Racism?


They would easily answer with NO...NO...NO...This may sound overboard but it's the reality of Social Media, and that's what our children are being exposed to on a daily basis.


Some would argue that there is some good content that comes from Social Media and they are correct. However, to quote the late motivational speaker Jim Rohn, "You can find a crust of bread in the garbage, but I wouldn't bother looking". In other words, you can find some meaningful content on Social Media. However, the negative content far outweighs the good in most cases when it comes to Social Media for kids.


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